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Minecraft Horse Race Track

Check out my Minecraft Horse Race Track and get inspired to make your own or use my build for your map.

This Minecraft Horse Race Track was modelled after what I assume a race track would look like but of course, MC style. I’ve definitely been to the local horse racing in my city, but this wasn’t quite modelled after it. This one is a little more compact than probably a real life track would be, though its still pretty large. I included everything I think a race track would need, however. I made sure it included ample seating for viewing the race, as well as clubhouse/VIP top floor booths. It reminds me of the local stadium where you can view the show from exclusive booths where you enjoy a buffet style food and drinks.

You also have the ticket booth, and multiple TV’s & seating areas on the inside so you never miss a second of the race. There is a concession, jockeys lounge, and you’ll find the horses all neatly tucked away in their stalls. I made my track go around the building that harbours all of the goodies, and I think it turned out quite awesome. While the build wasn’t an easy quick one, it was well worth the time. It adds awesome ambience to my Electra map and I would add it to any town or city because most real life, Canadian cities have one. Check out my walkthrough video or scroll to the bottom to view the gallery and get inspired so you can make your own Minecraft horse race track.

Tips to Make the Minecraft Horse Race Track Yourself

To make a horse racing track like the ones you find in your local city you’ll definitely of course need a track outline and then an ample amount of seating for viewing. You can do like I did where the seating is raised and on the inside of the course. You can always do the opposite, however, and have the seating go around the outside of the course.

Either way I would start with the track so that you can get that out of the way and then you can add whatever you like afterwards. I recommend having a jockeys lounge, plenty of horse stalls with some hay, and of course a start and finish line. Concessions don’t hurt or private viewing areas!

Minecraft Horse Race Track Gallery

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