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Minecraft Rides

Ain’t nobody gonna dispute your coolness when you build your very own Minecraft Rides and Attractions to enjoy.

Ain’t nobody gonna dispute your coolness when you build your very own Minecraft Rides and Attractions to enjoy. The obvious is to use rails to create some of the most fun and unique rollercoasters. While they can be pretty dope, coasters are not the only kinds of rides you can make in MC. We have built a ton of Minecraft rides and attractions in Electra Amusement Park on Xbox One. These are the perfect example of practical but exciting builds to add to your map for you and your friends to enjoy. Use our examples and ideas to create the most epic rides for the best map and videos around.

Minecraft Rides

Waterfall Mountain

Waterfall Mountain is a two part ride. The inside is a winding climb to the top. Then, its a gentle ride down 6 waterfalls.

The Boat Ride

This ride is rockin' and is best for checking out 360 views. You can build it as high as you like, and of course the higher the better!

Bumper Boats

The name says it all! while it might not be so easy to play a real life version of bumper cars in mc, bumper boats is another story!

Tunnel of Love

This tunnel is the perfect relaxing ride with that special someone. Maybe your taking your pet horse, maybe your pet dog. Either way enjoy yourself and relax.


Lavaland is a ride that is all about lava! There are plenty of ways to use lava in a fun way. Use it to create an epic life or death obstacle course.

Petting Zoo

Since there are plenty of different kinds of animals in MC, it only makes sense that one would need a petting zoo in their city/town/park.

Rainbow Waterslides

Travel by boat straight down the waterslide, making for a fun ride that never gets boring and can provide heights for great views.

Bouncey Castle

Create a bouncy castle using the slime balls and your imagination. Add blocks to jump off for added height and bounce.

Climbing Wall

With this build the sky's the limit! We included a platform to set off Fireworks for when you the reach the top of our climbing wall.

Piggy Back Ride

This ride is exactly as the name says! Create a track to ride a pig on. Make it extra fun and create 2 tracks side by side so people can race each other.

Sky Tower & Sky Jump

Make a building that reaches into the clouds and an area to jump off with a waterfall from the highest point, landing in a pool.

Ice Rink

Villagers might not be all that keen on walking all over the ice so you’ll always have the rink and space to yourself to enjoy.


Our colourful funhouse in Electra includes a large maze, obstacles to overcome, a climbing wall, and so much more.

The Sinkhole

This ride was created after an earthquake/sinkhole scenario. The ground opens up and your meant to find your way out, not safe for claustrophobics.

Racing Coasters

Create 2 tracks going side by side to make the ultimate race track. Two friends can battle it out in a mine cart race to the finish.


Make a playground for adults and kids using all sorts of items like spiderweb and fencing to create monkey bars, blocks for a climbing wall, a digging area, etc.

Ferris Wheel

Sadly you can't easily make a functional Ferris Wheel in MC, so if you do make one just put a “down for maintenance” sign blocking the entrance.

Gold Dig

This can be lots of fun for those who don’t know where the gold is hidden! Make a contest out of it, to see who can collect the most gold first.

If you think these ideas are great be sure to check out our other sections for inspiration. Are we missing something? Let us know in the comments and we'll add it to our list.

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