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Minecraft Houses

Ample ideas for Minecraft Houses to keep you inspired while you build that stylish or defensive (or both) dream home.

This Minecraft Houses section is full of housing ideas for you to make in your own creative or survival maps. Most are easily recreated and I include lots of detailed photos to help you recreate. Some even have special tutorial vids to make it that much easier. Even though Minecraft is best known for its simplicity it doesn’t mean there aren’t tons, upon tons, upon tons of different ways to style your home. In fact, being creative is really what its all about, even in survival mode. That doesn’t mean you can't be inspired and by viewing other houses, like the X house, you can come up with some great ideas and builds of your own. Of course I am more than happy to post tutorials where I can so you can make exact duplicates.

Minecraft X House

The X House

This house is built in the shape of its name, an X, with an added mid section. Its actually pretty simply to build and leaves you with tons of space to fit all the goodies you need. My X House is 1 bedroom and bath, with an entertainment room and indoor garden. Browse the gallery to get inspired, or check out my video walkthrough.

The Minecraft Cake House

Yep, exactly as the name states, this is a Minecraft Cake House on a sliver platter, literally. You build your platter first and then construct your cake on top for a yummy looking home. I recommend filling it with cake.

Minecraft Cake House

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