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Eating Contest

Building a eating contest is a great way to get rid of all that extra steak or chicken you’ve collected.

Building a eating contest is also a great way to competitively play with your friends while having others be the judge. Its only a functional contest when built in Survival Mode so its every bit worth the build. I built this Eating Contest in Electra Amusement Park but unless you play in survival mode on easy - hard, you can’t really participate. I have always built the theme park thinking it would be played in creative or survival peaceful. However, I would recreate this in a second. Its easy and its random and it would be fun to play with friends.

Eating Contest Game Rules

  1. Each Player takes the same amount of steak (4 is best for a relatively quick contest) and you can have each player also take 1 poison (2:00) bottle
  2. To really make this effective and fair all players should start when they are on their last food bar
  3. Players agree to the start time, and when they say “go” they race to finish their food. If poison is given, they should all use it to begin with but can be used at any time.
  4. When all of the food is finished, that player can use the lever to light their lamp, showing they’ve won the game.
  5. First to light their lamp wins!
  6. Tips for losing food bar quickly are sprinting, and jumping, or taking damage

How to Build the Eating Contest Yourself

As you can see in my photos at its most basic design the eating contest consists of a platform about 3 steps high.

There are a few things you will need to include, however:

  1. You’ll need a table where players will stand while they finish their food. Use slabs to create your table.
  2. Seating in the form of a chair or slab for your players to stand on when they are competing
  3. Chest with the adequate supplies for a new competition
  4. A light with a lever that can be used to turn it off and on, so that when a player finishes they can turn their light on to signify the win
  5. a seating area for judges to watch and make sure everything is done fairly
minecraft eating contest

I didn’t make my space to fancy as you can see in my photos, but I did include some seating for guests if they want to watch from a distance. I included a judge seating area closer to the players that also distinguishes each player by letter for easy identification to not confuse who the winner is for the judge. I made an outline of a steak for my eating contest, but you can use any food you like. Just ensure that the food isn’t poisonous, because you don’t want to kill the winner! and I also recommend that all players eat the same food, to keep things fair. Different food will add different food bar points making it easier for some to eat more food and less easier for others without having to lower their food bar. If you want to spice it up and use the food eating contest to test players knowledge, allow them to choose their food.

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