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Minecraft games is one of the fun and most creative ways that people enjoy the game and we have plenty of ideas to share with you.

Minecraft games is one of the fun and most creative ways that people enjoy the game and we have tons of ideas for you to enjoy. There are those out there who work hard to creative interactive maps so that you and your friends can have a completely unique experience in MC. We share some ideas for your to recreate in Minecraft so you and your friends can play games together that you built yourself.

Dots Game

Dots is an old school game that can be played on MC or using paper and a pen. The map consists of a bunch of dots and each person takes turns drawing a line…

Eating Contest

Not only is it tons of fun to race against your friends, building a eating contest is a great way to get rid of all that extra steak or chicken you’ve collected in Minecraft.


Shootout is a fun game where 2 people challenge each other in a shootout to see who wins! You start with the same amount of pigs in your pens, 64 arrows, and 1 bow...


Make a paint studio by adding buildings and obstacles. Make sure there are lots of hiding places and arm players with snowballs!

Battle Arena

Make a battle arena by creating 2 or more identical obstacle courses for players to battle it out to determine the winner.


The rules of checkers are pretty simple and to create a checkers board is also pretty simple. All you need are to two different colour blocks for your pieces and voila!

Minecraft Maze

Its easy to make a maze in Minecraft and add a bunch of cool features. Make your players travel underground or add secret doors.


You definitely need an archery if you are going to be at all good with a bow and arrow. Create multiple stations so you can practice with friends.

Don’t hesitate to check out our pages where we include not only game rules, but information on how to build these games yourself. If you think we are missing something let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to our list. As always, happy crafting!

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