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Minecraft Furniture

Discover Minecraft Furniture for awesome ideas to add extra swagger to your rooms.

Discover Minecraft Furniture for awesome ideas to add extra swagger to your rooms. Whether your decorating your living room, great room, basement, cellar, or Stronghold, our designs will keep you styling. Browse our galleries to get inspired!

Bedroom Furniture

There are a ton of great ideas for different awesome beds including bunk beds. Browse the gallery to discover the kicks for your survival or creative bedroom. There are practical and decorative styles.

Kitchen Furniture


A fridge can be made fully functioning or just for looks a few different ways with an iron door. For just for looks, place 2 iron or quartz blocks stacked on top of each other and then an iron door on the front. Voila! a fridge. For a more functional one, replace the bottom block with either a dispenser, or a chest. For a dispenser, place a button or lever on the side of the iron or quartz block. Perfect Minecraft Furniture!

In order to place blocks behind a fridge, you will need the door to be open facing outwards. Do this by placing the door down and a block next to it with a level on it. Use the level to trigger the door open then place your blocks behind the fridge. Use the level to close the door.


Use a bookshelf and trap door for cabinets. Bookshelves are better for the Pantry while you might want to use a quartz block or other solid block for Kitchen Cabinets to hide the contents.

Washroom Furniture

Just because you don't actually need to use the washroom in Minecraft doesn't mean you shouldn't have a bathroom. It also doesn't mean that bathroom can't be stylish. Check out our designs for baths, showers, sinks, and toilets.

Tables & Chairs

Their are tons of awesome designs for unique table and chair designs in Minecraft. Check our gallery out and spice up your rooms quick.

Entertainment Furniture

Outdoors Furniture

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